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Duncan names his 20-man Peruvian crusaders
Date: 27-Sep-2005       
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Black Starlets coach David Duncan, has pruned his thirty-man squad to twenty for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in Peru which kicks off next week.

Duncan currently had a thirty-man squad that he had been training in Brazil for the tournament.

Below is the list of twenty players who would be donning the national colours in Peru.


Sowah Ernest, Obodai Seth and Bonsu Nana


Adjetey Emmanuel, Tagoe James, Danso Ernst, Wakaso Mubarak, Oppong Samad, Telfer David and Ansong Emmanuel


Sobge Francis, Adarkwa Anthony, Boateng Charles, George Appiah, Quartey Jonathan and Abubakar Awudu

Agyemang Opoku, Bukari Sadat, Asante Ernest and Salifu Razak

Ghana, twice winners of the event will be hoping to secure a third crown.

Ghana will face hosts Peru, China and Costa Rica in group A at the competition, which kicks off on September 16.

The Starlets had been fine-tuning their preparations in the South American country for the past two weeks and they continue to enthral fans in Rio de Genero with more impressive wins.

The team thrashed Fluminens 4-1 in their third game on the Brazil tour on Tuesday.

Sadat Bukari got a brace with Awudu Abubakari and Hamid Oppong scoring a goal each.

The Starlets will play their last preparatory game today against under-20 side of Bothafogo before emplaning for Peru on Sunday.

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