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Four charged with match-fixing
Date: 02-Apr-2007       
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A charge of match-fixing has been preferred against Nania FC, Mighty Jets, Great Mariners and Okwawu United, all division one clubs.

Team officials and players of Nania FC and Okwawu United would appear before the Disciplinary Committee on Monday while Mighty Jets and Great Mariners take their turn on Tuesday.

Based on Article 35.5.d of the Ghana Football Association regulations, the Disciplinary Committee took the decision after Friday’s a preliminary hearing involving all four clubs following a complaint from the FA.

“A complaint has been made by the Ghana Football Association in connection with the Middle League match you played on Wednesday 28th March 2007 at Sekondi and Cape Coast respectively.

“That your club officials and players on the such date at Sekondi and Cape Coast respectively instigated, commanded, counseled, solicited, procured, purposely aided, encouraged, facilitated and promoted the playing of a fix match or a match of convenience,” the FA charge statement read.

The four clubs – Mighty Jets, Great Mariners, Okwawu United and Nania FC appeared before the Football Association’s panel alongside the match officials in connection with the Zone III fixture results on the final day for promotion to the premiership from zonal national middle league which produced 59 goals involving the four clubs last Wednesday.

Nania FC qualified from the group after they had incredibly beaten Okwawu United 31-0.

Okwawu United who before the game had crushed out of contention were down 0-1 by half time but back recess, the former premiership side picked the ball from the back of the net thirty times as Nania completed the rout.

Great Mariners in the other group fixture were just three goals shy of equalling that feat as they walloped Mighty Jets 28-0.
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Source: Ghanafa.org

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